About Us

I am Nikola and I was born in Kosice (Slovakia) now live and work in UK. Lot of people wonder and ask me about how I got started with painting,

But as long I can remember when I was little girl I always like watching trees changing color during autumn with so many rich natural colors which bring different vibes when the sun shine to them.

As a child, I received was a set of colors pencils. I was so excited by all colors in the box. In Secondary school I engaged in drawing and design I also attend art lessons which I real enjoyed.

Some of early paint was done on fabric in secondary school which involves simple design picture or cartoons. I loved these times as I was always doing with passion, but didn’t think much until recently when I rediscovery my drawing lost talent

Our Main activities

1-Main activities Painting and drawing the artwork
2- Try to engage with local school and community l to get involve and to teach them how to paint and to enjoy the art of painting and introduce different ideas
3- Private lesson welcome kids to enjoy painting